Pink Mouse Kapiti

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Hello! I'm Pink Mouse
aka Tiziana Stoto

Pink Mouse KapitiI'm passionate about technology and I would be happy to help you with any computer-related issue. Too many mature women are missing out with technology because of a lack of support. My purpose is to fill this need.

I have a Massey University Diploma in Training and Development, I have been an IT professional for more than 20 years training and mentoring people since 2004, and most of all I like helping people.

My method of teaching is student-centered: my goal is the development of learner autonomy. I focus on skills and practices that enable long lasting learning and progressive independence.

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Here are a few comments from some happy learners:

Pink Mouse Kapiti

To All Women who have struggled with the changing technology of computers:
I am so happy and grateful to have someone like Pink Mouse (Tiziana) to help me when my computer drives me crazy because I don't understand what it is asking of me.
She is extremely helpful; she shows me what to do, explains it clearly, lets me try it myself and never says, "I've already told you that already" as my family do!

- Fay Robertson - Waikanae

Pink Mouse Kapiti

I highly recommend Pink Mouse (Tiziana) for any computer related issue. Even when my difficulties are minor, Pink Mouse always solves them with calm confidence and a highly developed problem-solving ability. She also empowers non-computer-savvy people (like me) with computer housekeeping tips that I should, but don't, know.

- Nelly Bess - Waikanae

Pink Mouse Kapiti

Tiziana (Pink Mouse) is a fantastic teacher, she's able to bring the computer and the internet to life and help people use technology so much more effectively. She prepares well and delivers excellent seminars. She is also a great one-on-one teacher. In just one lesson, she's revolutionised my ability to manage documents so I could break massive inefficient files into logical categories, storing material in a way that's sustainable and useful for others in our organisation. I whole-heartedly recommend Pink Mouse to anyone who wants to sort out their home computing system.

- Allie Webber - Executive Secretary, Kapiti US Marines Trust

Pink Mouse Kapiti

I worked with Tiziana (Pink Mouse) on a number of occasions and cannot speak highly enough of her as an IT professional and visual designer.
I asked Tiziana to rescue a poorly set up for a high profile national farming competition and make it work for all the different stakeholders needing to use it. She sorted out a complicated situation swiftly, using her in-depth knowledge and very good personal communications skills.
On a number of different occasions she walked me through a number of technical issues with clarity and patience and has taught me how to get the best out of programmes I use every day. She really is a born teacher.

- Pamela Fleming - Paekakariki

Fees and gift vouchers

Pink Mouse Kapiti
Hourly rate: $50

5-hour card: $220

10-hour card: $400

Gift vouchers available on demand. Please contact me for details.